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Benvenuto nello shop online, qui troverai sia soldatini da me prodotti che di altre marche da me importate. 
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About Me

My name is Fabrizio and I am the owner of the shop Fabrimore soldiers.I am a professional miniatures painter and I paint 1:35 and 54mm scale miniatures on commission.I prefer to paint miniatures from World War II and the American Civil War.On the website you will find some of my miniatures painted for illustrative purposes.I started painting in 2012 and here is my CV:
Master paint competition:
calenzano show 2014 gold medal 
sevres show 2016 silver medal
euromilitaire folkestone 2017 gold metal
milan show 2017 gold metal
ferrara show 2017 gold metal and best of category
trieste show 2018 gold metal 
smc heindoven 2018 gold metal
mosonshow 2019 gold metal
smc heindoven 2019 silver medal
cmt torino 2022 gold medal and best of panting
mosonshow 2023 gold medal
torino 2023 gold medal
trieste 2023 gold medal
santa maria 2023 gold metal
genova 2023 gold medal and best of historical
torino 2024 gold medal and best italian figure
moson 2024 gold metal