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The uniform before 1886 was rifle green with scarlet facings and gold lace. It was then changed to dark blue. After becoming lancers in 1890 the lancers pattern belts were worn.
From 1897 a hot review order in khaki was introduced. For the native officers it was exactly the same uniform as the previous one, and except for the colour of the blouse, all other items of this dress were the same as worn in full dress.

With the change to Lancers the pouch belts were scarlet with engraved plated flap and bore a crown in silver over B.L. On the front of the pouch belt a special regimental device was carried: in silver crossed lances and pennons, over crossing a star with the cipher 15. Below, a crescent inscribed Cureton’s Mooltanees.

The figure shows a Risaldar Major in 1887 wearing full dress uniform, all embroidery on the front, sleeves and cuffs being gold. He is wearing the Cavalry pattern pouch belt without chains and pickers. The shape of the turban is characteristic of the Pathans.

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The Multani are a community found in the states of Haravana and Punjab, in India. The community derives its name from the city of Multan, situated in Pakistan. Multani literally means an inhabitant of the city of Multan 

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