2nd Lancers, Hyderabad Contingent – 1898

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The characteristic color of the contingent uniforms of Hyderabad was always green. Prior to their reconversion into lancers in 1890, the uniform for British officers was hussar style. The jacket had six rows of flames, the use of the sabretache is obligatory.
From 1890 the uniform changed, adapting that of lancers. It remained green, although darker (it became the green “rifle” of the metropolis). In the case of British officers the plastron of the coat became whole and white, with golden trim.

From that same date with the regulation produced in the uniforms of the princely states for the English officers, they could wear the uniform of the native officers, with dark green kurta and the turban with the same colors of the pugri of the helmet even for the uniforms on mounted parades including review order.

Characteristic of the Hyderabad regiments the chains on the pouch belts were suspended from a crown-shaped ornament. 

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